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Cortez 40 Year Reunion$ 25.00
When:April 15, 2017 6pm - 10pm
Where:ADOBE Golf Club, 2400 E Missouri Phx 85016(NOT at the hotel!)
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Bruce Johnson
Laird Hatch
Sherry Hatch
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Debbie .Flam (OBrien)
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Lori Parker (Spreitzer)
Gwen Dobbs
Todd Dobbs
Leisha Collins
Mike Collins
Ron Frame
Kevin Riddle
Jill Grove (Andrews)
Linda Rukstelis (Frame)
David Leeper
Laura Johnson (Riddle)
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Melissa Boyer
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Jami Heiden (Suiter)
Ray Suiter
John Alexander
Mary Carter (Alexander)
Diann Waddell
Roy Waddell
Catherine Gutierrez (Fletcher)
Claudia Scott (Amerine)
Frank Heys (Groenewold)
Mary Heys (Groenewold)
Rob Wilson
Robin Wilson
Sherry Johnson (Arnett)
Christine Colman (Bridwell)
Ed Bridwell
Charles Colucci
Lou Ann Spinder (Cornelison)
Jane Anderson (Dunn)
Donna Boothe (Folmar)
Steve Folmar
David Hodesh
Clare Danielson (McCauley)
Mike Scott
Shirley Scott
Harry Karidis
Katherine Razo (Karidis)
Rebecca Fry (Simpson)
Gwen Corning (Corning-Vega)
Mary Aguilar (Dryer)
Paul Meredith
Shari Albert (Meredith)
Peggy Herold (Long)
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